Request Limits

By default, QuestionPro has the API request limit of 300 API calls/minute for every license level.

Free API Calls Limit

Questionpro provides the following number of free API calls every month:

Licence No. of API calls
Essentials 0
Advanced 500
Team Edition 1000
Research Edition 1000

After the free limit is consumed by the user, the user is billed for the extra API calls at the rate of $0.1 / API call. The total number of API calls used in a month is calculated in every month on the license start date. If the usage exceeds the free limit then the invoice is generated for the extra API calls used by the user.

Resource Limit

By default, the limit of 100 items/resource per API call is considered for each API call supporting pagination. But the maximum limit of 1000 items/resource per API call is supported by QuestionPro.

Size Of Individual Request

Our servers have a request limit of 8000 bytes (characters). It is recommended to impose a limit of 6000 characters to ensure that response timeouts are less likely to occur during high traffic time.