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Build an unlimited number of touchpoint surveys across you customer journey and empower your team to focus on the key improvements.

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QuetionPro CX: The Best CX Platform
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Fuel customer loyalty

Get the right survey to the right customer at the right time.

We help you close the feedback loop by order of priority to reduce churn rate and convert your detractors into promoters.


Design the optimal Customer Experience

SuiteCX by QuestionPro is the only customizable and secure customer experience journey mapping and journey analytics platform.

In addition to robust customer journey mapping capabilities, it helps you to plan and improve customer experience through integrated survey data, persona development, improvement planning and the creation of detailed contact strategies.

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Ask the reason behind the rating with NPS+

Get more from your customers' feedback with our proprietary NPS+ survey question.

NPS+ is a combination of NPS, root cause, and comment question types. This will help you identify what works for your promoters and what issues must be addressed immediately.


All in one CX dashboard

Flexible dashboard: Distribute data throughout the organization with easy-to-use dashboarding tools. Share across the organization and share with individuals for collaboration.

Powerful report: Fully integrated reporting widget for our NPS+ survey approach with NPS tracking, Churn Risk analysis and Customer Innovation Idea reporting.

Customizable widgets: View results with different chart types and label customizations; use filters within our wide selection of widgets.


Deliver exceptional customer experiences with closed loop!

Close the feedback loop leveraging our ticketing feedback system. Create a ticket for each detractor, assign it to the right person, and get the issue fixed.

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Free Resources

VoC Analyst Report, 2023

Dive into our exclusive VoC industry analyst report on the Voice of the Customer market. Access actionable insights, evaluate vendors, and make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

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The CLV Playbook

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers' long-term value, make data-driven decisions, and drive business growth with The Complete Playbook to Customer Lifetime Value.

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CJM Analyst Report 2023

The SPARK Matrix™: Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) Platform, 2023 is a complete CJM industry analyst report. It includes the matrix, a detailed analysis of the market dynamics and the 2023 vendor landscape.

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A customer experience management software with an extensive toolbelt


NPS & churn risk

The QuestionPro NPS Survey Dashboard is the most advanced analytics platform for NPS measurement. Learn how to isolate, identify and predict customer churn. Leverage customer interaction to improve your products and services.

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Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis classifies text as positive, negative, or neutral. Sentiment analysis goes beyond numbers and focuses on the quality of interactions between the audience and the organization.

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Advanced dashboards

Get access to a dashboard with customizable widget configurations that enable you to customize your widgets filters, chart types along with labels, and the month tracking widget.

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CX Workflow Powered by AI

Automate survey assignments and reminders based on customizable rules so the survey goes to the right person at the right time. CX Workflow Powered by AI imports data, assigns surveys, schedules deliveries, triggers reminders, and much more.

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Disposition metrics

Monitoring emails sent on a continual basis will provide valuable data at every engagement point and will help track any changes to customer behavior along the way.

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Closed loop

Capture your customers’ journey at various touchpoints and gain real-time insights. Share feedback with different teams to improve the overall customer experience.

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Tie business and feedback data

Take your customer relationship to the next level with QuestionPro CX

We provide you with the most innovative and accessible CX platform belt in the research market to gather actionable insights. We are set to help you in the journey of turning your customers into advocates.

What is a customer experience management software?

A customer experience management software is a solution that eases and enhances the implementation of any CX programs.

It enables CX professionals to manage and improve the Customer Journey experience by providing a 360-degree view of their interactions with your business, such as support calls, sales emails, and frontline customer service.

QuestionPro makes it easy to create CX online surveys that are visually appealing and 100% customizable.

What is the best CX Platform?

The one that brings your team great CX program support and an extensive and easy-to-use tools.

A typical CX management software vendor minimal features to have are: omnichannel customer engagement, survey customer feedback collection and CX analytics tools.

Our CX platform includes customizable dashboards and reports, sentiment analysis, promoter amplification, detractor recovery and API integration, closed loop, inner loop, and outer loop systems, to name some!

Benefits of using a customer experience management platform

A CX management software platform provides smooth connectivity between companies and customers for meeting organizational goals as well as fulfilling customer expectations.

Achieving real customer-centricity in a company is not an easy task. By picking the right CXM software you'll get more of your CX and VoC initiatives meeting the finish line.

With QuestionPro CX, you can reduce churn rate and boost customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and relationship management.


"QuestionPro CX helped us automate the workflows and gather data in a digestible way while making the process smooth and error-free for the end-user. Technical implementation and ensuring user experience excellence was important to us so it was crucial that the system was built to be available around the clock."

Samuel T. Harris Business Analyst
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Do you know if your customer is about to turn into a detractor?

Turn a negative customer experience into a positive one with our detractor recovery tool to decrease churn rate.