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The QuestionPro CX Trend Guide for 2023

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What are the CX trends for 2023 and how to understand and meet customer expectations throughout their journey

As brands these days start to build a truly empathetic culture throughout the overall customer experience journey, the ones that are succeeding are building loyalty and reducing customer churn.

While no one really knows exactly what’s going to happen in 2023, one thing is for certain: The goal of understanding and meeting customer expectations will remain key.

In Voice of the Customer (VoC), the Customer Journey and its holistic experience have taken center stage in a world where customer-centricity is proving over and over to be a valuable brand differentiator.

“The QuestionPro CX Trend Guide for 2023” was created with the collaboration of a selected handful of customer-obsessed CX professionals across the US, who are and have been working for many years in Customer Experience and that have seen CX market behavior change very closely.

What the guide includes:

  • The top CX trends (Speed to market/response, doing more with what you have, Proving ROI, AI specialized services, automation)
  • Bonus trends+
  • The recession effect in CX
  • Wrapping up with the key trend takeaways
  • About the authors

Get the trend guide now and dive into the key CX trends for this year delivered under the lens of six remarkable CX industry experts.

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