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Customer Lead and Qualification Survey Template

Customer Lead and Qualification Survey template is a B2B survey template that is carefully designed by experts at QuestionPro. This survey template consists of 10+ questions that can be easily customized to suit the needs of a researcher. This sample survey template can be used to collect data and information from customers/consumers for budget assigned to a particular product or service, purchasing intent of an organization, just to name a few. This questionnaire can be used for qualifying customer leads.

Please indicate which of the following [Company] products you own:
Product 1
Product 2
Product 3
Product 4
Product 5
Product 6
Product 7

Please indicate when you last purchased a [Company] product?

Please indicate the types of products you may be interested in purchasing or learning more about:
To help us serve you better, please tell us about your business:

Number of employees at your site:
Annual budget for this product category:

Are you the person responsible for updates/purchases?
Is there another person in your organization who is responsible for purchasing [Product Class] or services?

Thank you!
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Why conduct Customer Lead and Qualification Survey Template?

From a marketing/sales point of view, a lead is someone that could potentially become a fulltime client/customer. What defines it as a lead is the fact that an individual/company has expressed an interest in what an organization or a business has to sell or offer.

  • Leads can be acquired through many different channels, from referrals through customers, white paper or ebooks etc. The origin of this lead, along with relevant information helps an organization or business determine how qualified the lead is, which means wherein customer purchase cycle this individual or company is.
  • QuestionPro’s Customer Lead and Qualification sample survey is carefully curated by experts and consists of relevant questions that can determine if an inquiry qualifies as lead or not. This sample survey template can be easily customized to suit to the needs of a researcher and questions can be added to this sample survey template at the click of a button.

Best Uses of Customer Lead and Qualification Survey Template

An organization or company’s marketing team is usually responsible for lead generation. A marketing qualified lead means, that there are greater chances of the individual/company to qualify to become a potentially successful consumer/customer.

  • To make sure an organization gets no false alarms, deploying this sample survey template with customized questions can gain organizations qualified leads.
  • A lead generation and qualification form can help organizations/businesses collect information from potential clients/customers and know why they are contacting the business and it is important for organizations to keep a track of these potential clients so that they can be converted into real-time business.

Importance of Customer Lead and Qualification Template

  1. Selling your product is the most important aspect of any Business. It is the main resource of any business. And if you have the right leads which can be turned into potential customers then nothing can stop your business from growing. But the key here is to find the right lead.
  2. A prospect on whom you can allocate your resources, time and effort with most certainty of getting a positive outcome. Let’s consider you have 20 leads for a product and you have a small team of 4-5 members, ideally, you will distribute the lead equally to the resources and the resources will try to convert the leads into a customer.
  3. But as resources don't have detailed information about the leads converting them into customers can be a time taking and frustrating task. Now consider this scenario that out of those 20 leads they are 2 which are qualified leads. i.e they have been considered ready for the further sales pitch by its marketing team.
  4. So you can easily allocate our resources which will completely be dedicated to those Qualified leads and the chances of converting them into your customers are higher than it was when you distribute resources equally.
  5. So now as we have established that any business needs Sales Qualified Leads in order to grow their business. The question that comes to mind is that how do we find those leads? What informations the marketing team needs to find the Qualified leads and how will the sales team approach the lead. The answer is simple if we need to find the right leads we need to ask them the right questions. Questions that can be asked in a survey and the responses collected from them can then be researched thoroughly by the marketing team to find the Sales Qualified lead.
  6. The key here is to gather as much information as you can from the survey as in what is the customer looking for? What are his expectations? How is that a person is planning to use your product? and many more depending upon your organization target audience. But to gather that information we need to design our surveys in such a way that the lead answers them honestly.
  7. The Surveys shouldn't be time-consuming and unnecessary questions that are not related to your product should be avoided. A sales lead qualification survey should have the proper combination of all the questions through which all type of researches can be done as in from a monetary point of view, to for how long the lead can be approached for Business. And how is our product is going to help the leaders in the growth of his business?
  8. After carefully researching all the data collected from the Sales Lead Qualification Survey, the marketing team can easily find the Sales Qualified leads and pass it onto the sales team for further pitch.
  9. Another approach through which a sales qualified lead can be generated is through multiple surveys. Initially, you can ask basic and minor details and based on the research done on that information you can find leads and a more detailed survey can be given to those leads.
  10. Through Sales lead Qualification surveys we can also decide the right time to approach the lead and chances of a properly vetted lead to be converted into a client are very high. Not only in client generation a qualification survey will also help to serve the client better as we already know their expectations.
  11. In a fast-paced business environment, the businesses always want to be one step ahead of their competition and using Sales Lead Qualification survey effectively can help the business grow exponentially.