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Employee Appreciation Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

The free employee appreciation survey template and sample questionnaire helps you understand employee appreciation processes in your organization. It will help you know if your employee appreciation initiatives meet the expectations of your staff. Use this questionnaire to invite suggestions from your employees about refining your workforce appreciation programs. These questions will let you know how often your employees are appreciated, in what way, and if they expect any other ways of staff appreciation.

1. Considering your experience with employee appreciation, how likely are you to recommend someone you respect to work in this organization?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
2. How important is it for you to be appreciated for your work?
3. You like appreciation:
4. Who do you prefer the appreciation come from?
5. Please select the most appropriate answer responses:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I am aware of the criteria for receiving any appreciation at work
I am aware of the procedure of nominating my team member for appreciation and awards
It doesn’t take much time to nominate other employees
Appreciation recipients are communicated timely
Appreciation programs are accessible to all employees
I would like to choose the way I am appreciated
Appreciation is important to me
I want the team to be appreciated along with me
6. Please rate the importance of the following criteria for appreciation.
An employee should be appreciated when:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
He/she contributes to a more supportive work environment
He/she performs well individually or as a part of the team
Gives practical and workable solutions
Helps in improving health and safety programs at work
Successfully completes community involvement and volunteer services
Achieves milestone in years of service
Exceeds performance objectives
Reflects company values perfectly
8. Please select your work experience in this organization
9. Please select your work title
10. Do you wish to add anything else that will help us improve the way we appreciate our employees?

Top 3 reasons to use the employee appreciation survey template

Employee appreciation will affect your staff motivation, employee performance, and workforce engagement. It is crucial that your employees know they are appreciated, and you should check on them time and again. Here are three key reasons to use this free online employee appreciation survey template in your organization.

Gauge effectiveness
Every organization has a unique way of appreciating employees. It could be monthly, half-yearly, or yearly through awards, cash incentives, gifts, etc. Asking your employees for feedback will help you understand the effectiveness of your programs. It will help you understand if your employees are satisfied with your current appreciation efforts.

Ideas for appreciation
Awards are not the only way to appreciate your employees and their work. It could be sponsoring some training programs for them, supporting their hobbies, etc. Every employee is unique, and so will be their expectation from their supervisors or management.

Invite suggestions
Use this staff appreciation questionnaire to invite suggestions from employees, managers, and management to refine your appreciation initiatives. New ways to appreciate your employees will certainly boost employee engagement, workforce productivity, and staff morale.