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Energy Drinks Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Energy drinks survey questions is a questionnaire to understand public opinion energy drinks. This survey aims to identify the factors that influence the choice of energy drinks and what are the perceptions of a consumer about them.

An energy drink is a drink which is made of sugar and stimulating compounds that give a boost to the energy levels in an individual. These energy drinks usually have an impact on the cognitive performance and hence it can be very helpful to athletes. Even though there have been talks about the risks associated with excessive consumption of energy drinks, a lot of athletes still prefer having it. There are various brands in the market and most of the time brand names play a major role in the choice of energy drink. Using an energy drink sample survey template can help companies to understand public opinion and the factors that influence their choice. Using this data, companies can change their strategies to reach their segment market.

Following are the questions to gather information regarding energy drinks and the parameters that impact the choice of the brand.

Considering your complete knowledge about the benefits of energy drinks, how likely would you be to recommend a friend or colleague to start consuming one?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
When you think about energy drinks what is the BRAND NAME that comes FIRST to your mind?
How often do you purchase energy drinks?
For what activities would you use energy drinks? (Select all that is applicable to you)
What price range are you comfortable to pay for an energy drink?
Please state your level of agreement to the following statements about energy drinks.
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Brand is an important factor in my purchase decision making
Flavor variety is important to me
Taste is the most important factor
Athlete endorsements encourage my purchasing decisions
Attractive packaging is important to me
Excessive consumption of energy drinks can be harmful to health
Ingredients of the energy drink influence my purchase decision
Please select the brands that you have heard of?
Is there anything else that you would expect from your most ideal energy drink? (for eg: better packaging, etc)