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Manager Effectiveness Evaluation Survey Template

A manager plays a very crucial role in the functioning of an organization in meeting its goals in the most effective manner. A constructive and reliable feedback given, at regular intervals will help a manager in identifying the areas of improvement that eventually contribute to rapid organizational growth. So, conducting a manager effectiveness survey not only helps those who have been in the field for a period of time but also to those who are yet to start their career as a manager in developing the “right” attitude.

A manager effectiveness evaluation survey template offers questions which can be asked to employees in order to evaluate their direct and indirect manager’s effectiveness at the workplace. This sample questionnaire includes question options that will help organizations in boosting the productivity of their workforce.

For example, questions such as “Is your manager a good leader for you and your team? Or “How likely are to recommend working with this organization to your friends and colleagues?” or “How much do you trust your immediate manager?” give HR managers real-time insights about how a particular manager is performing and whether there are changes which are to be done in operations.

1. Based on your overall experience with the manager how likely are you to recommend your colleagues to work with him/her?
0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
2. Please choose the most appropriate answer option:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
The manager seeks inputs from team members
He/she measure inputs fairly
Shows genuine concerns for colleagues and team members
Fixes problems without creating a fuss
Treats people without any prejudices
Respects individuality
Rewards and recognizes excellent workers
Doesn’t gossip or talk behind the back
Involves team members while making important decisions
Sets goals and clear directions for the department
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Challenges team members in a positive manner
Provides cross-functional development opportunities
Is a role model for the team
Helps and supports my decisions
I receive regular feedback from my manager
He/she understands performance measurement
My manager cares about my professional development
3. Are you confident in the overall effectiveness of your manager?
4. What are the three things you like about your manager’s leadership style?
5. What are the things you would like to changes about your manager?

How to implement a Manager Effectiveness Evaluation Survey?

For a survey to be effective, it is very important that it is created in a right manner. The following explains how a survey should or shouldn’t be created.

“Anything, even a good one, in excess is likely bad.” So, the question, how frequently this survey needs to be sent, plays a major role in deciding the kind of impact on a manager. If the survey is taken too frequently, it might put the manager into pressure. So, a survey should be sent at regular intervals giving sufficient time to compare the developed changes along with getting productive feedback. In an organization, it’s good to conduct a manager effectiveness evaluation survey twice or thrice in a year to get productive results.

A survey should be simple, short and relevant. Irrelevant elements in a survey may lead to a false evaluation of manager effectiveness. It should be created in such a way that it could easily measure the manager’s ability to handle various things needed by the employees like the need for better communication, support or a positive environment.

Analyze information collected using a Manager Effectiveness Evaluation Survey

Once the survey data is collected, it needs to be thoroughly understood and compared to the other feedbacks in order to make improvements that are required to meet a benchmark within the organization.

An efficient manager effectiveness evaluation survey helps the HR team as well as new and experienced managers. An individual beginning to be a manager can learn the right way of managing people and to operate in an ideal manner while a well experienced manager can obtain insights about how to stay committed to retain the good qualities he/she already has and improve in the necessary areas so that he/she could be the best manager ever.