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Work Stress Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

The job stress survey sample questionnaire and survey templates are designed to understand if employees feel stressed about their jobs and the stress factors. Identifying these can help alleviate some of these stress triggers and help employees be productive and satisfied with their workplace.

This workplace stress survey template can be easily customized to suit an organization's business needs and configurations and measure stress levels. Work stress is a key factor contributing to staff churn; reduce it to contain employee attrition.

What is a Work Stress Survey?

A stress survey on the workplace usually includes a number of questions intended to measure stress levels and the origins of stress that employees are under at work.

These questions may cover a variety of work-related stress-related topics, such as workload, job demands, work-life balance, relationships with colleagues and supervisors, job security, and organizational culture.

Our stress survey allows you to assess and analyze your employees' stress levels rapidly. These survey templates are simple and easy to use, yet they provide a reliable indicator of your employees' feelings about their work experience and issues.

Understanding your current level of employee stress is the first step in taking control. Start to complete this simple stress test to measure the stress level of your employees.

Over the last several years workers around the world have been expressing more job related stress and burnout. We want to make sure that we have the most supportive company culture and are continually providing you with the right support to feel fulfilled with your job and avoid burnout.

Please answer the following based on your experience at work 
Very Often
How often do you feel highly stressed from your job?
How often do you have a hard time relaxing?
Please select how you feel about the following statements:
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
I work a manageable number of hours
I have an appropriate amount of work assigned to me
My work is interesting 
I have enough time to complete my work
I have time to rest outside of work
I get enough time for my hobbies
I have a good work life balance
Please tell us more about how you feel about your your work assignment.
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
I have a say in work that is assigned to me
The targets I am given are achievable
I am satisfied with the pace of my work
I have what I need to perform well at work
How would you rate the level of your job stress?
How long have you been experiencing stress from work?
Please let us know how often you have experienced the following as a possible result of stress
Very Often
Frequent headaches
Prolonged fatigue
Loss of apetite
What do you like the most about your job?
What are the most stressful aspects of your job?
Considering your overall experience how likely are you to recommend someone you respect for employment here?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely

Top 4 Reasons For Using This Job Stress Survey Template

Using survey templates is easy and convenient. Let us look at 4 key reasons for using this job stress survey template.

  • Identify Stress Factors:

    Using this survey template, you can identify the stress factors unique to your organization. This will help in alleviating disconcerting factors for your staff.

  • Know The Time Period:

    Stress can be due to a certain project, a client, or even a manager. With our free job stress template, you can determine how long your employees have been stressed due to one or more stressors.

  • Understand Attrition Risks:

    Based on this template, you can determine an employee's stress level and if the employee is an attrition risk. This can help retain the employee and fix the issue for team members if that's a team problem.

  • Ask For Recommendations:

    Using this sample questionnaire, you can invite your employees' suggestions on reducing their stress. Involve them in problem identification and solution.

Benefits Of Conducting Workplace Stress Surveys

Understanding what questions to ask in a job stress survey is crucial to get the right responses. Let us look at the benefits of conducting workplace stress surveys:

  • Is Time-Efficient:

    Conducting job stress surveys is quick, especially with online survey tools such as QuestionPro Workforce. You can select ready-made templates from the library and send them out to your employees. These templates are customizable, too; you can add your own text, logo, etc.

  • Is Cost-Effective:

    Conducting quick online workplace stress surveys will cost you almost anything but will save you a lot of money by identifying the stress triggers. Once you have identified those stress factors, you can address them and ease your employees to be more peaceful and productive.

  • Gives Opportunity For Changes:

    Once you are aware of the stressors and what needs to be done, you can quickly remedy situations by making necessary changes. This could be resource additions, reskilling, and upskilling for employees.

  • Helps Employee Retention:

    According to a recent study, 40% of workers feel their job is very stressful. This is a cause for concern, for it directly impacts the employee's intent to stay with the organization. If their stress is not relieved, they may quit the organization for another job opportunity.

How To Manage Work Stress??

It is important to manage your stress at work or severely hamper your productivity and relations with your colleagues. Work stress management improves productivity, health, and work-life balance.

Use some of these methods to relieve stress at your workplace. These key 5 tips for dealing with work stress will surely help.

  • Identify Stressors:

    It is crucial to unearth the factors that cause stress to you at work. Is it your desk? Is there enough light? These might feel trivial, but these could add significant stress to your work life. These small factors can cause severe stress, especially when you have deadlines to meet, new assignments, important meetings to attend, etc.

  • Counter Stress In Healthy Ways:

    It is easy to stress-eat or develop bad habits like smoking or drinking. Refrain from doing that and start focussing on eating healthy, meditating, and exercising. These will help you get good-quality sleep, relax your mind and body, and alleviate some of your stress.

  • Set Limits:

    Thanks to mobile and many other technologies, most employees are always available online. While this may be alright for some folks, it is bound to cause stress thinking about work all the time. Try and relax your mind by detaching after you log out. Pick up a hobby or go for a run, and do not think of work. Your mind needs to relax too.

  • Relax And Rejuvenate:

    When did you last take a vacation? If you have to think about it hard, it probably was long ago. Go on a long vacation, and spend some time with your friends and family. Take a mini-vacation if you can't go for long. Breaks are essential for all employees to function at their best.

  • Speak To Your Superior:

    If you have a lot of work, an important project underway, and are having a tough time managing it, speak to your manager. They can help you manage things better or even lend a helping hand. You have to let them know; however, they may not be aware due to their work. You do not have to feel shy or embarrassed if your work is adding to your stress.


Stress surveys are an efficient technique to assess your employees' stress levels. Our stress survey allows you to quickly assess and analyze their stress levels rapidly.

These stress questions can help you measure employee anxiety and depression and develop stress-reduction strategies.

Are your employees struggling with stress? This survey template should help you develop a good stress survey questionnaire.