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Product Evaluation Survey Template

Gather feedback from your customers regarding the company, product, customer service, intention to return, and more. Use this free product evaluation survey template and customize it to suit your needs.

Collect data to analyze product usage patterns, customer satisfaction and customer experience . Use survey results to offer better products and services to your users.

Have you ever ordered [PRODUCT] from [COMPANY]?
Overall, how would you rate [COMPANY]?
How satisfied are you with the [PRODUCT]?
How satisfied are you with your service from [COMPANY]?
Would you recommend [PRODUCT] to a friend?
For your NEXT [PRODUCT] purchase, how likely are you to purchase from [COMPANY]?
Which of the following modes did you use to place the LAST order for [PRODUCT]?
What are the THREE main reasons you didn't purchase [PRODUCT] from [COMPANY]?
If you could change something about [PRODUCT] what would it be?
Are there any comments you have for [COMPANY]?

3 Reasons to use Product Evaluation Questionnaire

1. It's free
This sample product evaluation survey template is free for everyone. You can send a survey using this template and send it to your customers.

2. It's easily customizable
You can add or remove questions and edit the options. Choose from 40+ question types and 10+ logic methods to customize the survey flow.

3. Build better products
These product evaluation survey questions can help businesses to identify the improvement areas and build better products.