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Purchasing on the Internet Survey Template

After the dot-com explosion in the early 2000s, internet has changed the way people make purchases, read the news, make critical investments or any other transaction. Internet shopping, in particular, has become incredibly popular in the last 10 years and is constantly growing at the rate of almost 20% year-on-year. In 2016-17, it was reported that customers prefer doing 51% of their shopping on the internet. Experts at QuestionPro have recognized the need to cater to purchasing products on the internet and the habits consumers exhibit while shopping on the internet and designed a survey template accordingly.
This sample questionnaire offers questions that provide researchers insights about frequency of online purchases, category of purchases, reason for a particular purchase, will to spend for a specific product and other aspects related to purchasing over the internet.

In the past three months, have you purchased products or services through the Internet, for your personal use?

Please check the product or service category you most recently purchased.
Thinking back to the Internet retailers you've purchased from, have you ever:
provided feedback on the product or services they sell
completed a survey for that Internet retailer
communicated with other users via e-mail or chat rooms
When you began shopping on this occasion, were you:
How much did you spend on this transaction?
Did you return the merchandise or cancel the service after you received it?
Did you contact the customer service department of this Internet retailer with a complaint or problem?
How much would you estimate you have spent with this Internet retailer in the past twelve months?
How many transactions have you made with this Internet retailer over the past 12 months?
Thank you for your participation.

Why conduct a Purchasing on the Internet Survey?

Every person who purchases products online has a different purchasing habit - some are extremely impulsive, some prefer systematic research before buying something on the internet. For researchers to filter their target audience better, it is important to conduct a purchasing on the internet questionnaire which has questions the help in understanding customer shopping preferences.

The questions included in this sample survey provide insights into the following:

  • Past expenditure on buying products online: This is an integral part of knowing whether a person prefers online shopping or not and on the basis of this understanding, you can pitch your products/services.
  • Type of online purchases: What do customers prefer purchasing online. Books, clothes, computer accessories, and other goods.
  • Motivation for online shopping: Factors that prompt the visitor to purchase a product and whether the purchase is impulsive or well-thought.
  • Intent to spend: A person who thinks too much about the practical use of a product might evaluate the value for money aspect of the product as well. Include questions about how much can he/she spent on a product.
  • Customer service and its priority: Keeping the customers engaged is a the core purpose of all small and large businesses. For example, a question such as : “Did you contact the customer service department of this Internet retailer with a complaint or problem?” can be included in this questionnaire to understand what customers think about the offered customer service.

Best Uses of Purchasing on the Internet Survey

  • Due to the hassles of physical shopping, more and more people now prefer shopping on the internet. Those retailers who focus on the internet can send out purchasing on the internet surveys to be better than the competitors and to keep improving their products/services.
  • A significant number of people choose internet shopping as there are humongous discounts on products/service. You can send out this questionnaire to know customer thoughts about the pricing model of an existing or upcoming product.
  • There are innumerable product options on the internet and this survey can be sent to understand which options can be added or eliminated to keep the target audience engaged.
  • Internet is filled with product purchasing items and this competition is exponentially increasing. Conducting a survey will help you have an edge over the others in terms of cost, product features, and customer service.