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Services Attitude Survey Template

Company Service Attitude from Brand Mindset by Duane Knapp


Agree - 5

Somewhat agree - 3

Disagree - 0
Somewhat agree
All applicants are screened with a test to determine their desire to serve customers.
We offer an unconditional 100% guarantee of satisfaction for everything we sell or service--we make it easy for customers to return anything, without hassle.
We trust the judgment of our employees and empower them to resolve customer complaints on the spot.
We believe that our employees and associates are the best ambassadors of our brand.
We measure customer satisfaction several times throughout the year.
Every employee and sales associate always greets customers by their first names whenever we speak to them.
Our customers can always talk to a "real" person 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Total Score:

30+ : High - Great Service Attitude! Keep it up with a watchful eye.

20-29: Medium - Lots of opportunity for improvement.

< 20 : Poor - A general overhaul of the service department is needed.