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How QuestionPro provided Conjoint Analysis and survey software solutions for online gaming company Zynga

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Online Gaming Survey Solutions at Zynga - QuestionPro Case Study

Zynga Company Profile

Zynga Inc. is the world’s largest social game developer with more than 290 million monthly active users playing their games, which include leading Facebook games FarmVille, CityVille, FrontierVille, Zynga Poker and Mafia Wars, among others. Zynga games are available on a number of platforms aside from Facebook including MySpace, Yahoo, Android, iPad and iPhone.

Zynga Business Challenges

In order to best serve their dedicated gaming audience, Zynga needed to connect with their users in a meaningful, non-interruptive way to gather feedback on how to further improve Zynga games. No easy task, considering that many Zynga users only have a few minutes per day to spare on games. Although Zynga makes a point of using usage data in their design and decision-making, they needed to build on their rich usage data to understand how their players think and feel.

Zynga Business Solutions

The Zynga user research department worked with QuestionPro to build a survey solution that fit their unique needs. Surveys were created by the Zynga team and deployed by QuestionPro, tasks included:

  1. Questions that could be randomly distributed across a broad set of players.
  2. Launched surveys within the Zynga game experience.
  3. A typical survey took less than two minutes for respondents to complete.
  4. Sampled a breadth of perspectives from thousands of Zynga players without disrupting their game experience.
  5. Utilized Conjoint Analysis to minimize the number of questions that players need to answer, but clearly understand players’ needs.

After launching the surveys, Zynga received thousands of responses and a wealth of actionable, real-time information to benefit their users. As a result of that information, Zynga was able to make informed decisions, including:

  1. Prioritized and rapidly pursued improvements and new feature additions to address player needs.
  2. Planned possible new games to add to their catalog of game titles.

Zynga Gaming Feedback

Gaming is becoming an ever more important part of the digital ecosystem. However, in an increasingly flooded marketplace, research companies are suggesting that the key to being successful in the gaming industry is building good games based on the feedback of all players. However, collecting user feedback from gamers without disrupting the gaming experience requires simplicity and accessibility.

QuestionPro leading software ensures not only an accessible and streamlined experience for the survey taker, but also for the survey creator. This allows companies to collect meaningful feedback while also ensuring an efficient survey experience for the user.

“The QuestionPro team is committed to innovation and easy-to-use collaborative tools,” said Kevin Keeker, Senior User Researcher at Zynga. “QuestionPro allows users to pursue complex sets of data through randomization, dynamic questions presentment, counterbalancing, and much more. We’ve worked with them on a number of projects so far and we’re looking forward to a long-lasting partnership that helps us fulfill our ongoing need for richer and more dynamic user information.”

Zynga Business Outcome

Zynga was successful in gathering customer feedback solutions from its customers without any interruption in the gaming experience.

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