The Hacker's Guide to Employee Engagement Vs Culture Management

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The Quick Guide to Why It’s Time for Something Different: Culture Management

In the era of digitalization and rapid business growth and development, organizational culture has evolved as a constant winner. It’s the era of transparency. Organizations talk free in words and actions and culture has played a major role in bringing about this change. Employees don't fear to express their concerns to the management because of this transparency.

Culture is an important attribute for an organization. A healthy work culture leads to increased employee engagement, yet 87% of organizations cite culture as their top challenges and 50% call this an “important issue”. Today’s organization live in Glassdoor era. Everything good or bad is immediately online and open to public debate.

Given the harsh spotlight of this new transparency, as an organization, you want to ace culture management. But can culture be copied? Obviously, No! You need to build, create, and nurture culture. According to a recent study conducted by Gallup, only 13% of the world’s workforce is actively engaged, only 12% believe their organizations are excellent at effectively driving the desired culture.

Do you want to be among those organizations who only talk about culture and never implement it? Or do you want to do something different? If you’re ready to take the plunge and get intentional about managing your culture as a differentiator, then download this e-book, to learn everything about culture.

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